About ilikealot

Ilikealot is about the things we like in life. Whether it is a piece of music, an amazing journey, a precious stone, an ice cream or an mp3 player, it becomes part of us and represents who we are.

Here you can share your enthusiasm and passion with the online community worldwide by publishing about the things you like.


During the process of defining and developing we came to refer to the things you like and publish to share on ilikealot.com as likealots. Not before we had used it ourselves for a while in various variations did we realize that we had created a whole new terminology. We have found use of it both as noun: "I have just read this amazing likelaot" and verb: "This really inspired me, I'm going to likealot about it immediately". 

All your likealots in one place

ilikealot.com enables you to collect your likealots in one place, for yourself as your own private library of preferences or for everyone to show interest in, admire, rate and comment on. We have named this your "Likealot Centre".

Create your likealots

You can create a "likealot" in different formats - we invite you to write blogs, articles reviews or to simply post a video. You can keep track of your likealots in your "my likealot centre", from where you can update your likealots, publish more likealots or just simply keep come back to the things you like and enjoy them over and over.

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