Release 1 ilikealot

"A what?"...  "A Likealot!"-

Through the mayhem in real life and the digital world we all try to find our way.

We search for a place we can call our own where we can spend time enjoying the things we like.

Whereas social network giants such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace offer a wealth of opportunity and entertainment it is becoming increasingly hard to navigate to a point where we can find peace and some form of lasting satisfaction.

During November 2009  is launched. A website where registered users can publish about the things they like. Users can simply embed a video and add text, they can blog, write articles, reviews and  simply share experiences. All this can be enhanced with pictures and user reviews.

In addition, each user gets a personal "My Likealot Center". An interesting concept as it gives each user a place to call their own. A personal collection of things they like. Interestingly, the founders of introduce a new word to the English vocabulary: a "Likealot".

The word says it all. A likealot is something that is published on the site.

There is no doubt that this is a concept that has a great future. With the web becoming exponentially harder to navigate and understand, a safe haven, a niche of likealots such as this, which is actually very user friendly and positive in nature is exactly what is required.

We likealot!