Most people with a laptop will be looking for a cooler to prevent it from overheating. The Logitech Lapdesk N700 might just be the right one...
Posted 14/Mar 2011 at 11:57
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We barely just got home from Oslo before the World Cup in South Africa started. Ok, football and the Eurovision Song Contest are two entirely...
Posted 13/Jun 2010 at 19:49
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The picture shows an unusual accident that happened in North Jutland, Denmark . Three cars were involved - some how one ended up underneath...
Posted 25/Oct 2009 at 04:32
by in Cars & Vehicles read by 136 people
Jeroen van der Boom, one third of the Dutch representatives at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, has released a new solo album. Among the 14...
Posted 22/Oct 2009 at 00:06
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