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1 Day Ford Fiesta Feast

The story has to be told, even though it is an awful one. Who owns a Fiesta for a day? I did. And it was a great Fiesta too. Purchased for 135 UK Pounds back in the mid 90s off a very reliable friend of a friend...

The thing was that I already owned two cars. I had a good Peugeot 309 and my wife had a Mazda 323. Both red, both not too shabby. We were done for a good few years to come.

Now this was post-beetle, post-Spitfire time, so we had had our fun with the cool cars for a while, were both professionals now and felt we needed something presentable on a shoestring. Hence the somewhat middle-of-the-road Peugeot and Mazda 323.

As a freelance consultant I used to work pretty much everywhere south of Reading and most of the time I would go by public transport or just drive to the gig.

But when a job just north of Winchester came up, public transport just didn't stack up and I thought it was too far to drive every day. I hate traffic jams and something had to be done.

So I bought an old Fiesta. It was rock and roll all the way. A bit tatty inside, but what a drive. No oil usage, the dryest engine I had ever, ever seen and just the thingy to get me from home to the station so that my peugeot could get me from the station to my work north of Winchester.

Exctatic from just having bought a great old car for monies worth a Tesco shopping cart filled with weekly shoppings, I drove home. Showed it to my wife, who could not believe the deal I just made. Another problem sorted.

Things that you buy for a good price, real value for money are often more satisfying and I was looking forward to the next morning to saddle up and ride the Fiesta.

The next morning however, was rather odd. When I walked up to the curb where I had parked the Fiesta the other night, the keys dangling and making small metal noises in my hand, I could not believe my eyes.

Having owned her for just one day, 1 day I say, she was gone. Stolen and vandalised by a couple of lager louts, no doubt. Instead of the euphoria of Fiestaing to the railway station, I mazda-d to the police station to fill in the necessary mundane forms of stolen goods.

"When did you purchase the vehicle?" asked the police man. "Yesterday" I answered.

He could just about supress a smile of bewilderment and to be honest, neither could I.

She was found some 3 weeks later with severe damage to the body work and engine. Apparently, she had been tortured with bottles and other metal items. TheĀ  insurance paid out some 50 pounds over owner's risk, which gave me a profit of a whole 70 pounds which my wife and I decided to spend on a nice meal together.

Accompanied by a stiff drink to the memory of perfect Fiesta-of-a-day.

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