Posted 25/Oct 2009 at 04:32
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A very bizarre accident - anyone who can solve what happened?

The picture shows an unusual accident that happened in North Jutland, Denmark . Three cars were involved - some how one ended up underneath another one. The only explanation given so far doesn't appear realistic to me.

The three cars involved are: A brandnew Electricity sports car Tesla, a hybrid car Toyota Prius and a large 4x4 Diesel VW Tourag. The picture indicates that the VW Diesel simply drowe over the little fast red enviromental friendly sports car and that the innocent Prius somehow got caught in that David against Goliat fight that had no eye witness'es.

A friend to the driver of the Tesla however says that the sports car and the VW Tourag simply had stopped for red light when the Prius comes from behind, hits the sports car which is then forced underneath the VW!

I myself must admit that I personally doubt that a Prius can have so much power that it can push that sports car all the way underneath the VW Tourag that is then being lifted up - and furthermore not have more damages than what we see here. The way that the VW is "needly parked" with the front to the side where the Prius is also doesn't quite match and the VW appears to have no damages at all... in my opinion something is wrong. I am not a police officer or specialized in car accidents, this just looks weird - and the combination of cars: an electircity car, a hybrid car and a large Diesel of course adds to the weirdness.

For information it can be mentioned that none of the involved were seriously enjuired.

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