Posted 26/Nov 2010 at 15:28
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And now I've had enough of FarmVille!

For those who've so far been living their lives completely deprived from Facebook, FarmVille is something their creators, Zynga, call a game. But in reality, it's just something to waste a lot of time on. I've tried to cut myself loose from it before, but this time it's for real. Writing this piece is the last half hour I'll ever spend on FarmVille - and below you can read why!

The basic gist of it, is that it's evil. Very, very evil. You're lured in by hundreds of FarmVille requests and other messages on your wall, your requests page and what not. It pretends that people like it. And when you finally give in, you basically need to play every couple of hours. It started with tending your own crops. Then you had to help your friends, because that gave you one more coins. Then you realize you get Experience Points from that as well. 

And as more and more rewards were added for helping neighbours, you feel forced to invite your Facebook friends to the game as well. And then the vicious cycle starts for them.

Suddenly, while minding your own business, you see that one of your friends as started to build a Chicken Ren, an Orchard or something else entirely different and random. All you know is that apparently this friend wanted it, this friend wants you to help getting the materials and this friend even sent you some materials already to get started. When, after days or weeks of bugging your friends to send more and more materials, you finally finished your Checken Coop you realize that it doesn't actually gain you anything.

Other than that your 20 of your chickens don't have to walk around freely on your farm. So much for ecological farming.

But your neighours can. They can now visit your farm, feed your chicken, find golden eggs and get rewards. For your hard work. And of course you can do the same. Doing the same here means cliking on somebody's picture, clicking on the Chicken Coop and then clicking a "Share" button to make sure this friend and all of their friends are being told that you found an egg in their chicken coop. Wohoo!

One starts of with a rather small farm, but you can quickly increase the size. As long as you're willing to pay for it. A farm upgrade is paid for by either having a lot of neighbours + a vast amount of coins or a lot of FarmCash. There are two ways to get FarmCash: you get one for every Level you go up the scale or you can buy some for real money. They take all currencies.

In the end, they just want to get rich. And they do that by either taking your own money, or basically making you persuade your friends to do so. 

Well, I have to give the guys at Zynga one thing: they do know how to earn money. But even though I've been tempted, I've never given them a single crown, euro nor dollar. And I've kept my list of neighbours limited to some 16, by only asking friends who already were on FarmVille to be my neighbours. Which is why I'm stuck with a rather small farm, various unfinished buildings, the chassis of a combine I bought for 500.000 coins and still needs 45 building parts. And that's the way I'm gonna leave it. 

For me, today was my official UnFarmVilleDay. When's yours?

Ps. Since this is ilikealot I feel like I need to include a positive message: I'm happy to have cut myself loose!

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