Posted 29/Oct 2009 at 14:07
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And then that was that.... and he will be remembered

Together with the film "This is It", Sony has released a fan website at Meant as the ultimate tribute to the one and only true King of Pop, Michael Jackson, they have recreated the concert, film and album's poster image with thousands of fan-submitted photos. 

A lot can be said about the way Michael was treated in the time before his death. A group of fans has even started an initiative to draw more attention to the behaviour of the people around him. More will be said about that in the next years, and I wouldn't be surprised if several people will be facing "death by cause" like charges.

But for now, enough with the negativity. For this once, Sony has actually created something which the King himself could look on and like it. A lot. Fans from all over the world used to gather together to see his concerts or to give him support during the trials. 

Those fans have now once again gathered, and will now be able to, virtually, be with their idol for all eternity.

Or, well - at least as long as Sony bothers to pay the hosting bill.

Check it out:

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