Posted 26/Jan 2010 at 11:49
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Apple event: come see our latest creation

Tomorrow the long awaited for Apple event will start. And the question is: will Mr. Jobs show us the Apple Tablet??? I think it is incredible that Apple is able to create so much rumor around the brand.

A Google search on "Apple Tablet" shows that more than 17.000.000 pages are dedicated to Apple presumed new creation. Google finds more than 5.700.000 images posted on the internet. On Twitter there more tweets about this tablet computer than you can read in a live time.

How does Apple achieve this? Well, I think that the answer is:

  • Apple products are extremely well designed. So lots of designers take the challenge to give their vision. Hence the 5M images on the Internet.
  • They ¬†keep new developments highly secretive, so rumor is all there is. If you got the time, why not spend a few tweets (or likealots) on the subject. Lots of us do.
  • Apple's product presentations are extremely well prepared and fun to watch (although Mr. Balmer knows how to present his company in a memorable way as well). So why not tune in and enjoy the show.
  • Apple's events are not just a show-off for some prototypes. Oh no, everything is very well planned ahead. You can buy the new releases instantly via the Apple store.
  • There is a solid fan base that will cheer for everything (myself included :).

So I must admit that I am biased in my opinion, for I am using Apple computer for about 10 years now. And consider myself as a fan. However, I do not own an iPhone! Too expensive and I do not like two-year mobile subscription contracts. That's why I bought the iPod Touch.

Anyway, for those that want live coverage on Apple's event, check out this link:

It starts at 7pm European (Paris / Berlin) time.

Or follow the million of tweets and retweets on Twitter...

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