Posted 23/Jan 2010 at 23:32
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Apple Tablet

Next wednesday January the 27th the next Apple event is planned. As always Apple keeps the agenda of the event a secret. But it is widely expected that Apple will display the long waited for Apple tablet. Often referred to as the iSlate. What features do you want it to have?!

Besides the in the media mentioned expected features, I for myself hopes that it includes the following:

  • A 3G adapter. Wifi is not enough for me. I want to take the tablet with me and connect on the road with my mobile operator.
  • Lots of battery power. It must be able to supply about 5 to 7 hours of working time. Just like my Macbook pro. I want to be able to work a whole day on it without recharging.
  • Skype enabled. I want to connect my earpiece and make a call. That brings me to the next feature:
  • Bluetooth. A must have. I want to connect my earpiece. And of course my wireless Apple keyboard. No more wires.
  • Lots of gigabytes to store data. Well, don't need to explain this one.
  • Mini Display port. So I can connect it to a beamer. I already got the mini display port - VGA connector.
  • Lots of games. To kill the time while traveling.

What features do you want the Apple tablet to have? Please let me know!

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