Posted 24/Jan 2010 at 16:51
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Apple Tablet / iSlate

As likealotter Wouter van Vliet noted in his likealot: the Apple Tablet is expected not to have 3G communication capabilities. As stated on the idea is that you connect your Tablet with your iPhone (WiFi or Bluetooth) and use the 3G connection on your iPhone. 

Well, that will be the reason to for me not to buy one... I do not own an iPhone and do not want to buy one, just to use with my Tablet PC. As stated on this is the work of a genius (Steve Jobs): "he’s essentially offering a $1,000 computer as an accessory to a phone."

I think however that this is a mistake Apple is making. On the other side: I may be the only person with an unlimited mobile data subscription that is not used very often. I would be very happy to put my SIM in the Apple Tablet.

Let's wait and see what the real specs of the Apple Tablet are.

Regarding the picture I included: credits and original picture via

The upside to all of it: it might safe me spending $1000!

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