Posted 30/Jan 2010 at 07:35
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Apple's iPad - and why I do not like it

So the Apple Tablet is called the iPad. It is a beautiful device. I must admit however, that I am disappointed and will not buy one. The reason for my disappointment is that the iPad is in my opinion a big iPhone. And I hoped for a small Macbook (Pro).

My disappointment is widely shared on the Internet as many blogs report that this product does not live up to expectations.

The features that I miss are:

  • A camera in the front (and in the back) – so I can not use this device for video conferencing.
  • Multi tasking – a basic function that I also miss on my iPod Touch. I want to run Skype in the background and play my favorite games without missing a Skype call.
  • No Flash – there is something that Apple does not like about Flash in their mobile devices.
  • No HDMI – you sure want to connect this device to your 40inch screen.
  • No USB – you cannot plugin a single usb stick to expand memory limits.

The upside is that the iPad:

  • Will be available with 3G. One the features I wanted most.
  • Will last 10 hours on a single charge. With a standby-time of one month.
  • And without doubt the Apple App Store will fill itself with cool apps for this device.

I am however not going to buy one. Not even the cheapest model. I hope for an improved version later this year. Let’s wait and see what happens next.

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