Posted 2/Feb 2010 at 21:00
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Boblbee Rucksack is the cats whiskers! I love mine!

The best rucksack for skiiing, outdoor sports, motorbiking, biking, skating, snowboarding and yes,even stiga snowracing (see my previous likealot). The Boblbee rucksack is vigorously tested and due to its hard back and best weather protection materials offers protection and a lot of coolness.

Personal experience

After years of carrying boring laptop cases and uncool rucksacks that could not hold my gear when cycling to work, driving or walking, I am finally sorted for life. 

Now I am not exactly an outdoor sports addict who would need one, but I bought mine at a jumble sale - it was something I always wanted but never had money or time to get.

Now Boblebee claims that

"BOBLBEEs worldwide patented hardshell brings the back pack concept into another level. In addition to its ergonomic properties, it functions as protection to support the active lifestyle of modern people. The back packs protects not only the gadgets and gears, but also peoples bodies, making your activities and everyday living safer. The hardshell products are built to last over time and offer a system of accessories to supply different functions and needs.

The first BOBLBEE Monocoque Hardshell backpack was produced in April 1998. The company since has developed many variations to the theme, has headquarters in Sweden and product development all over the world. 

So next time you see one in a garage or jumble sale or second hand shop, get your hands on it quickly. Or just order it online for a mere 200 euros or so and get a brand new one, with that fresh factory finish, delivered to your doorstep.

Don't let the funny name fool you - this is great gear. The only downside is that it does not stand by itself. But you'll get used to that quickly and all the other practicalities and original design more than compensate.


Disappointment? Impossible. Instant satisfaction and image augmentation? Guaranteed. More important purchase than the Ipad? No doubt about it.

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