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Christina Perri - The world has a new songstress

CHRISTINA PERRI, a 24-year-old American singer songwriter who rose to fame after making a video of herself singing in her bedroom.

Christina Perri travelled to LA (Los Angeles) just 21 years old to try to secure a record contract. In the end, it was Youtube which got her noticed and a rise to fame was fast and unavoidable.

Christina also performed on "So You Think You Can Dance" in June 2010 after a friend passed on a copy of her great song "Jar of Hearts" to a choreographer who worked on the show. The song went on to sell almost half a million downloaded copies.

Perri has not yet released a debut album but word is that it's in the making. She released a short EP titled "The Ocean Way Sessions".

Interestingly, Christina progressed her life from working in a cafe to becoming a global star in a space of some 4 weeks. After having lived in LA for 3 years, getting married, getting divorced, moving back to Philadelphia to recharge her batteries and coming back out to LA to give it one last try, she finally found her way to success when she was found on youtube by Bill Silva Entertainment Management company (who also manage Jason Mraz).

Christina's producer is Barrett Yeretsian, who when they first met asked her to make a mix of her favorite songs. She made him 12 cds of favorite songs, containing music such as Iron & Wine, Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Sarah Bareilles, Counting Crows, Adele, Fiona Apple, Dean Martin, George Harrison, Richard Swift, Bright Eues. Feist, and Coldplay, Blind Melon.

Christina Perri plays guitar which she says she learned by watching vintage Shannon Hoon videos.

The world has a new songstress.

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