Posted 18/Mar 2010 at 15:34
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Create beautiful Word Clouds

Create your own beautiful Word Clouds with Wordle.

For a Powerpoint presentation I needed a Word Cloud. A quick search on the web took me to Wordle. This is a good website.

It is a marvelous web application for generating Word Clouds from text that you provide. And it is exactly what I needed for my presentation.

It is as with Tag Clouds. Words that appear more frequently in the text are bigger than others. You can adjust your Word Clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images are free to use in any way you like.

The easiest way to create a Word Cloud is by copy / pasting a text to the website or to enter an url of your blog or any website that has an Atom or RSS feed. The picture in this post was made in seconds!

There is also an advanced menu where it is possible to give each term its own weight so you can control the importance of the words you want to display. In the advanced settings you are also able to adjust the colors.

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