Posted 4/Jun 2010 at 13:25
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Create the best picture - out of some mediocre ones...

Let me start with a statement. I don't like Microsoft. As a matter of fact, there are many companies, people and a couple of animals I'm not so keen on. I also believe that there is something good in everything and everybody. And I just found the positive side of Microsoft.

They call it "Photo Fuse".

A new feature in their Micro$oft Live Photo Gallery software, which helps you create the best picture out of a collection of missed shots. Group pictures, for example, where one looks fantastic and somebody else just looks like he wants to eat somebody else. Or perhaps is making donkey ears above somebody else. 

Simply select a bunch of photos which show the same group of people, animals, things click a button, select the parts you want to replace and choose the footage you want to replace it with. It's that simple.

Techcrunch has a video:

Of course, the problem is that it's Windows software. It won't be much use to me as Ubuntu-adopt.

I'm quite sure it won't be long before Google adds something like that to their Picasa. In the end, they've had face recognition in it for quite a while.

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