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Developing a new logo for Interpotential

When I in 2007 started my private company in freelance web development I needed a name and a logo and I needed them rather quickly. My girlfriend came up with Interpotential which I immediately liked. It hints to the internet, the potential I try to get out of it, the potential within - there are many ways to look at the name and none of them negative. At least I haven't found any yet.

The company also needed a logo. A friend came up with using the sight of gun to portray the company's (and mine) aim to reach a target. He drew something on a napkin, I digitilized it in Fireworks and that was that.

Finally, being a web development company I also needed a website. I took my CV, wrote some simple text and made a one-file website in HTML with one of the simplest designs one could ever imagine. Of course I intended to at some point come up with a better website. 

But I've been busy ever since. Too busy doing other company's websites to even start to think about my own. Some friends who are good at design have outstanding promises to design me a better website, but nothing ever materialized. I can't blame them - they too are busy doing work for other people.

Now, four years later, I have moved myself and the company from The Hague in The Netherlands to Aalborg, in the north of Denmark. And still often visit my home country, usually by car. Last time I drove back up to Denmark I decided to do something which I hadn't done before: pick up some hitchhikers. This was actually also the first time I was asked by a hiker for a ride. Two Dutch guys on their way to Copenhagen.

During the few hours they spend in my car, we got to talk about all sorts of things. It wasn't long before one them revealed that he is in the middle of a multimedia design education and I smelled opportunity. Before we said farewell I gave them my contact details so Wouter (yes, we shared the same first name) could contact me if he would still be interested in designing me a new logo.

Ok - so that's how I got in touch with the guy who is currently almost finished with doing the design work of my logo. I gave him a simple mission:

Stay true to the current logo, but come up with something new. It shouldn't be too beautiful or complicated - I don't want potential clients to think I'm a web design company. 

So, in came the first set of ideas:

My feedback: I like it, a lot! I see most potential in number 2 - but it's too "massive". And I asked him to expriment with putting a dot on the first I as well.

A few days alter, the second round of examples came in:

He indicated that he didn't like the dot on the first I, and I can only agree with that. I am very pleased with the blue colour, so that is there to stay. And though I still felt that it was too massive, things are definately moving in the right direction.

In a conversation about the logo, one of my designer-friends suggested to take some elements out of the original numbers 1, 2 and 4 and combine that into something new. I asked Wouter to use that idea, and work out a version of the radar that was a bit smaller.

Not long after, the third round of examples came in:

At this stage, I need to decide on which logo to go for. My personal preference goes to number 2, but I like the idea of the radar in number 3 as well. While I'm waiting for the fourth, and hopefully last, round of logos I'm trying to figure out which road to take. I am currently employing three methods for that.

1. Ask anybody in my professional circle for their opinion

2. I've setup a Google AdWords campaign with two ads - one using design #2 and the other using design #3. I'm hoping that this will give me some objective number in the click through ratio which I can use if I really can't make up my mind any other way

3. This post. So whoever reads this, try to post a comment and tell me what you think! 

Thank you!

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