Posted 28/Dec 2010 at 16:24
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Elfstedentocht 2011 - the first official words about it

It appears that the Elfstedentoch organization finally admits that something might very well be about to happen. 

On the offical website of the Eleven Cities Tour an article has been published reminding any possible participants that accomodation to stay in the area will be arranged for them by the organization. 

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The article explains that as soon as the date for for any next Elfstedentocht has been announced, residents of Leeuwarden will be asked by the organization to provide a place to stay for participants. The organization will then supply the addresses of the ones who agreed to participants. These accommodations will be completely free of charge.

Leeuwarden is the capital of the province Friesland, where the Elfstedentocht is held whenever possible. It is both the start and finish of the tour.

Officially, the article is a response to a commercial initiative which mediates to arrange sleeping facilities to both visitors and participants for any future Elfstedentocht. But for any who want to see more in it, it can be considered a sign of actual preparation for a possible 2011 Elfstedentocht. A date mentioend before, 28 December 2010, has at least turned out not to bring a tour. After all, there aren't any huge masses skating over 200 kilometers in the northern Dutch province Friesland today ;)

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