Posted 1/Mar 2010 at 23:15
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Gå Inte Ut! (Don't go out)

Well this was the headline on the night of Sunday 28th February when hundreds of Dutch people arrived in Sweden to travel some 800km to their Swedish ski vacation destinations.

Interestingly, the Swedes themselves realised the blizzard that was on its way was a badass bringing cold weather with temperatures below -20 degrees Celcius and some 30cm of snow to fall in one night! Newspapers were full of these headlines, this one meaning 'Weather stations warn: Don't go out! - icy winds, 30cm snow, extremely bad visibility.

It was going to be dangerous out there.

But my Dutch fellow countrymen decided to go for it anyway and stranded. Some by the side of the road, some in hotels, some in youth hostels, some in churches.

My sister was one of them and she was not to be persuaded otherwise (believe me I tried). Some four hours into Sweden, she slipped with her car, twisted round three times and landed on the opposite side of the road thudding into a wall of snow, unscathed. Not a scratch on her vehicle. Not even the cd player skipped.

She realised she was not going to have this much luck twice and hastily checked into  the last available hotel room in Uddevalla to wait out the storm.

The next 8 hours were spent looking at a wall of snowflocks flying almost horizontally at breakneck speed, while listening to the wind howling a -30 degrees Celcius winter chill.

Next morning they continued on, determined not to be tricked out of 5 days skiing a few hours north.

The Dutch are indeed the new vikings of the flat south.

Mad, stubborn, courageous and very lucky.

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