Posted 30/Jun 2011 at 01:15
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Getting all excited over a new (!!) Google Frontpage

Yesterday Google suddenly started to show me a completely different layout for their search results. And I loved it. Even longer ago, I was also able to witness some of Google's early testing of a new layout.

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But after just a few minutes I got the old page back. Must say, I was a bit sad about it - as I really liked the new display of the various search categories. And in some really disturbed way, I'm crazy about the red colour for the titles. It all looks nice and spacious.

Then I got to click a bit around in Google Chrome's about:flags page, trying to get the "Multiple Profiles" feature to work. Without success, people on the internet are reporting that the switch is there - but the feature is only in some kind of canary version. Being not too keen on birds, I'll stick to using the stable build of Google Chrome.

Still wanting at least an easy way into using a second profile, to get over the problem of not being able to use a Google Apps account for Google Profiles, I installed Chromium. First checked if the flag to enable multiple profiles worked there (no luck), and then did a Google search.

There it was. The sparkling new layout. Going to (and being redirected to revealed even another new layout (see attached image). Further checking in Google's Blog also confirmed the new frontpage. But not a word about the new search result page, which they also appear to be rolling out.

Gosh, it's kinda nerdy isn't it - to get so excited about something as simple as a new Google Layout? Well, there's a reason I'm schooled to be an interaction designer.

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