Posted 8/Nov 2011 at 15:59
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Google+ introduces pages for brands, companies, events and what not

Moments ago, Google+ opened up for another very promising feature: Pages. They have promised this since the beginning, and months of patience has now proven to pay off. So what's the score?

At first glance, it rules! Setup process is very plain and simple. Choose a major category, enter the name of your page and optionally a website and a sub category. But beware; if you choose the wrong one here there's no way back. At this point, unless I have gravely overlooked something, it doesn't seem possible to change category or even delete a page.

Then, you're asked to add a profile photo. Huh? Photo? Yeah, they call it photo. Perhaps they should update the vocabulary a little bit to match that what brands, companies and other pages very often use. Logos. The noun "picture" seems to fit better than photo. Oh well, not a big deal.

As last step you are being encouraged to share your newly created page on your own stream. Makes total sense, of course.

Newly created pages come with some sensible default circles:

  • Following
  • Customers
  • VIPs
  • Team members

And of course, just like with personal profiles, you can add and edit circles to match that what you like to see. I'm gonna stick to this for now, it makes sense.

When you're done browsing over your newly created page, something that happens quite fast as there's really nothing do you, you might want to start adding people. Well, you can't. Only people who have added your page to their circle can be circled by a page. Again, makes perfect sense. But it does mean that you'll have to actively promote your page before you can start to reach people.

So, once you have managed to get some people from within your organization to circle you might want to give your secretary or other members of your team rights to post as your page and perhaps even perform other administrative tasks. One can only assume that this will come, but at this point it's another "well, you can't" on this topic.

One other thing missing is something known as vanity url's. In other words, it's not possible to have the name of your organization be in the URL to your page. But that doesn't matter, as Google+ Pages have Direct Connect. Or well, some of them. Searching for +Page Name should bring you directly to that company's page so you can connect to it. At this point it only works for some pages, and for me only as suggestion to my search query and not on the actual results page but this might be a matter of waiting for a full roll-out.

I just hope that this Direct Connect isn't going to steal search traffic meant to go to the actual company website. If it doesn't, then it's a good thing. Otherwise, it might seal the fate of Google+.

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