Posted 27/Jun 2012 at 21:52
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Google just plussed the + game with Events - before, during and beyond

For anybody following Google IO 2012 today, skip on and find something else to read. You already know it. If not, keep reading.

So, Google's big developer's conference is being held these days. Last year they announced Google+ itself and this year they're Events to it. And in just the way I've been looking for, and even been talking about building. Here's a short summary:


Great looking invites, and a Google+ page to talk about the event. Kinda what Facebook already has. Though this ingerates nicely into Google Calandar, which in turn syncs to anything you want it to sync to. Awesome!


Turn on Event mode on your phone or other app-enabled photo making device and share your photos instantly. Setup a big screen, at some place at your event and enable the live-slideshow. Photos your guests are making will instantly show up. Neat!


Continue to upload photos from non-connected devices, such as digital or analogue cameras - SLR or not. Google+ will show a nice (ehhh) timeline of the event with all photos in chronological order. All guests who have RSVP+'d will automatically get invited by email to post those photos. Legen - wait for it - DARY!

They're rolling it out as I write - and Google IO attendees will be using it on the brand new Nexus devices they received during the initial keynote speach. Let's hope the event page will be public, so we can all experience how this feature will work in the real world.

To me, this confirms Google+ as the platform of choice to share photos and I can't wait to use their new Events feature. Looks like I might be trying to organize one of those popular photo walks.

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