Posted 3/Jun 2011 at 17:13
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Google PlusOne: Now also for your website!

Google's PlusOne has been around in search results for a while now. Not that I have seen it show up, but back in March I wrote a blog about it:

Read: Google Search made +1 social: Like results by plus-one'ing it

Already back then Google announced that it would soon also come to websites. Well, soon turned out to be just about three months.

I just went ahead and added the PlusOne button to, and while checking I quickly found out why Gooooooogle hasn't been showing any PlusOne buttons in my Google Searches. After going through the easy process of adding a <g:plusone> tag and some javascript to the page, I wanted to test the implementation - unfortunately I was presented with the following screen:

Google PlusOne needs a Google Profile

And with my Google Apps account, I cannot create a Google profile. Oops. When I then logged in with one of my Google Accounts I could +1 a likealot, and a search on also showed me the (rather ugly) PlusOne icons.

Anyway, if you do have a Google account which is not connected to Google Apps account you will be able to PlusOne more and more web content as site administrators and web developers implement the PlusOne button. But my personal guess is that it will never reach the popularity of the Facebook Like button.

Then again, I might be wrong ;)

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