Posted 4/Jun 2011 at 14:05
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Google revamps search results page

"Opened my eyes today / And I knew there's something different" - those are the two opening lines from The Corrs' song Hopelessly Addicted. And that's what many people are to Google's top-product: The Search. Well, I did open my eyes today and almost as soon as I opened my browser as well there was indeed something different.

First I thought that perhaps my glasses were a bit dirty, as the first thing I noticed was that the blue colour for links as well as the purple colour for visited links appeared a bit faded. So I cleaned my glasses, looked again - and it still looked the same. Then I noticed that the URL, which used to show underneath title of the search-result description had moved to above that and thus just below the title.

An even closer look revealed that the font size for the description has changed as well. Below is a quick summary of the changes I have so far noticed:

  • Unvisited link colour changed from one blue (#2200C1) to another (#15C)
  • Visited link colour changed from one purple (#551a8b) to another (#6611CC)
  • Display of URL (or breadcrumbs, when available) changed to just below the title
  • Short description text changed in font size, from the browser defined "small" to 12px
  • A bit more spacing is introduced around each element
  • The link to the cached copy of the page has disappeare....

As for who sees the new layout and who doesn't - gotta say I don't know. I see it in my browser (Chrome) on the computer I use the least, but not in an Incognito window. And I don't get it on the computer I use way more. So my guess; it's probably some kind of random. Being logged-in doesn't appear to make any difference either.

So what do you think?

Update: It has come to my attention that this may actually just be something Google is testing out on some users. reported about a similar design update about a month ago - and it appears that Google certainly has taken lessons out of their post. The wait now is for the next iteration - and perhaps at some point the final release.

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