Posted 20/Dec 2010 at 13:21
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Hitting the gym... because there is no easy way!

Earlier this year, basically in the very begining I blogged about how I thought I could lose the holiday grams by just walking around more in the house. Well, that didn't really work. I'm still sitting here at my computer with a few too many kilos around the waist. And a bit more here and there, but I guess it's mainly the waist. I had lots of theories and was convinced they would work. Was I too naive?

I probably was. But now I've got a new plan, one that actually has worked for a few people in the past. It has even worked for me in the past, before I moved to Denmark. Back "at home" in The Hague I had been going to the gym for a few months and really noticed the effects of it. But then I got a car, and moved too Aalborg - which is a bit less bicycle friendly than most cities in The Netherlands.

Basically, I stopped going to the gym and at the same time moved less in my daily live. Really, it's noticable. I feel less good, get tired quicker - and I've come to terms with the fact that something needed to be done about it.

So, back to the gym. And so far I'm loving it. Taking about two hours of training every two/three days - with at least a full hour of cardio training, alternating with some of the muscle excercises and closing off with a nice relexing sauna.

Result so far: sore muscles, every single day! 

But I'm not doing it only to get sore muscles and lose the kilos I never should have gained. Up here in Denmark there tends to be a lot of snow. And home-owners have the obligation to clear that snow from the sidewalk in front of their house. As of yet, I live in a rented apartment. But that will hopefully change next year, so I'd better make sure to have the strength to clear my sidewalk and drive-in!

Anyway, why would anybody care about reading any of this. Well, honestly - I don't know nor do I really care if anybody cares. The main reason I'm writing it here is a little bit of extra motivation. When I click that Save button, all of my friends will know - and might be asking me at any given time. I'd better make sure not to quit working out, as I don't want to embarrass myself with an answer like "yeah, you know - it's a while ago I even went there"

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