Posted 6/Apr 2011 at 21:58
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If You Enjoy Writing, Blog For Yourself... Then For The Masses.... Then For The Money.

If You Enjoy Writing, Blog For Yourself... Then For The Masses.... Then For The Money. Really? Before I started to write blogs and articles on ilikealot and other sites, blogging was just something that people do for the hell of it. Then I stumbled across a number of sites run by people who call themselves 'professional bloggers'.

It's a crazy phenomenon. "So, eeeh Paul (let's call our professional blogger Paul) - what do you do for a living?" "I blog." Most people will not have any idea how this actually generates any money at all. Paul must be a pizza delivery man and simply not  want to tell the truth. He must be embarrassed about the way he really earns his money.

But no, in all likelyhood, Paul will have set himself up over the years, in small steps, and Paul will have built himself and audience. Paul will have plugged his blog into various social media platforms, and Paul will have endlessly listened to YouTube films on how to get traffic to his site.

Paul will have survived 'Website Winter', that nasty period in months 2-6 after first launch of the website during which 90 percent of new internet initiatives are given up on by their initially so enthusiastic founders. They linger in cyberspace, unused, untouched but remain - like planes crashed in the ocean many years ago.

But not Paul's site. Not satisfied with his 6 dollars a month Adsense income, Paul will have built an affiliate sales store, selling items related to the products and services he blogs about. Paul sells his own merchandise - mugs and sweaters, pens and key hangers with the text "Pro Paul - the blog for all that started small". Paul will have diversified his income streams so that if one dries up, there are others.

Paul now writes on the beach, any of his preferred beaches on the globe, actually, and really has not spent any of the money he earned just yet. There is too much of a rush to be had from that next article that's just waiting to be written....


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