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Ingress: Get your smartphones ready for a Friday night out

So, what did you do last Friday night? Ask your typical friendly neighborhood nerd and chances are you'll hear that they've been doing something you might describe as 'acting like a couch potato'. Well, not me. I've been playing a video game with some friends.

If you think that involves sitting on a chair in the security of my home, you're wrong. The game I've been playing is Ingress. And we kicked Resistance ass in a well coordinated Tour of Enlightenment. And it was freezing cold outside!

Early last week, almost the entire city of Aalborg was covered in one large blue control field spanning from a mysterious statue in Klarup, through the town center all the way to the outer regions of Nørresundby. I decided that it was time to end the dominant position of the Resistance so I gathered some agents around me to destroy the high level resonators deployed by those who fear change, and replace them with our own.

Friday 20:00 hours, I drove out. We were to be four, I myself was the only agent with access level 4. One from our group was one level below me, the other two were looking to get up from Level 2. Upon arrival in Klarup, we parked the vehicle out of sight and took our positions around the statue on each our sides. When the "Fire" command sounded, we stared down on our smartphones and tablets and with some rapid touch screen action fired off our XMP bursters. The resistance never saw it coming, and within a minute every resonator was destroyed. We deployed our own resonators, levels 4 and 3.

"Well, that was easy" - we agreed. After mild celebration in the freezing cold, we established links to the portals in Nørresundby which I had already conquered earlier that day. And to one in Aalborg, which had been consistently green during the period of blue dominance.

Next on our agenda was to capture an important portal located on the edge of the city, known as Hasseris Skoleklokke. We were able to charge up on Exotic Matter (XM) on the way there. We repeated the tactic that worked so well in Klarup, but this one proved to be more difficult. The energy levels in each resonator were higher than we had experienced before. A few minutes, and some well targeted attacks, later also this portal fell into our hands. Our mission to save the inhabitants of Nordjyllands largest city was taking shape.

A link was established back to Klarup, and to Nørresundby Strandpark - and a control field created. Our Level 3 agent saw his access level upgraded to 4. Victory was ours, the city was green. We could see our opponents, spread all over North Jutland, complaining in the public communication channel. What they spoke about in their private channels we can only wonder.

We had a victory to celebrate, but were far from done. With plenty of XMP bursters at various levels we calculated that it should be possible to overtake every single portal in the city. There were about 10 left, many of them centered around a park.

The mission continued at Kildeparken, the church and the town center. Some portals were easier to capture than others, but in the end the tactic we had established back in Klarup continued to work. And the Resistance? They could only see resonator after resonator dropping in energy until destroyed, and portal after portal falling into our hands. The hands of the good guys.

With only three portals left to capture, resources started to run low. We had to decide which would have our highest priority and take that first. We were getting cold, and tired - so we considered one thing. Which one is closest. There was nothing at walking distance.

Walking back, criss cross through town doubling back along every portal we were able to hack them again and gain more resources. We had waited long enough to let each portal cool down to optimal hacking temperature. New XMP bursters, resonators, portal keys, portal shields and an occasional media item were added to our inventory.

The next two portals turned out to be so easy, and we had gained so many bursters that we finally realized that we could do it. Assisted by our trustworthy vehicle, we navigated to a portal named Functional Art. The object was a good distance off from the portal location. Somebody must have been trying to mislead the Shapers, but we were destined to help them find their way to help mankind. Several blasts later, we did it. The Enlightenment finally controlled every portal in the area.

Well past midnight, tired drained from missiles but satisfied about our mission we returned home. We knew The Resistance would hit back the next day....

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