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Inside Google Search 2011 - Announcing voice search, search by image and more

About five minutes ago, the Danish U21 team started their match against Belarus and instead of watching that I figured I'd take some time to write about some exciting things Google has been cooking up lately.

Earlier today, they hosted an Inside Search event where they announced some really interesting new features. At least almost new, as they have all ben available in some other way before. But still, they're pretty spectacular. 

Voice Search

The first thing I'll be looking at is Voice Search. In other words, tell your computer to fetch the newspaper and in some way it will. Inside the search bar on, you will see a little microphone icon. Once clicked, you can tell Google to search for whatever you're looking for and when you stop talking the Google servers will - if you speak clear enough - recognize what you said and search for that. 

I've experimented a bit with this on my phone, as it has been available as part of their set of mobile services since 2009, and I'm quite impressed. People often tell me that I mumble a bit, and I do have a bit of a stutter but Google had not problems understanding the known words. Foreign names and places were a bit more difficult. 

See the video: Introducing Voice Search for your computer

Instant Pages

Only available in the latest development (and soon also beta version) of Google Chrome is Instant Pages. A feature that already opens the page Google thinks you're most likely to click on in the background, so that you don't have to wait for it to load once you have finally clicked on it. 

I can't tell when and where I have seen it before, but I remember that Google (or perhaps another search engine) had had this befor. At least I remember working an a website almost 10 years ago, and dealing with the problems that came up from this: extra server load and inaccurate analytics. I think it may have been called prefetch or something, maybe it was an early Firefox feature?

We'll see how it does this time. In the meantime, Belarus leads 1 vs 0 on Denmark ;(.

See the video: Google Search, now with Instant Pages

Search by Image

(Wow, that was fast - Denmark equalized against Belarus from a penalty kick)

Perhaps the coolest new thing on the PC version of Google Search is Search by Image - or Goggles as it's been known as on Android for quite a while. Simply upload an image from that vacation a long time ago, and hopefully Google will help you tell exactly what it is and where it was taken. 

See the video: Search by Image (Goggles for the desktop PC)

At this moment, none of the new features are actually available yet there where I am. But Google also announced that it will take a few days for it to get rolled out. As soon as I've been able to experiment with it, I'll report back!

In the mean time, you can read more about the announcements on and see photos from the event!

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