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Iphone 5 predictions - Advancements of the first humanoid mobile phone

The Iphone has mesmerised us for a few years now. It is the product of dreams, it is reminiscent of futuristic technology brought to us in Hollywood films, in our world today it is one of our most significant flagships representing progress, modern technology and cutting edge user friendliness. So where are we headed with future Iphone advancements?

Personal experience

If you have not read my earlier post about my Iphone 5 predictions, then I would recommend you read that first, you can get to it by clicking or pasting the address below into your browser window.

Optimistically projected, I am pitching for the following highlights to be delivered with the next major release of the Iphone.

Self-charging battery through thermal energy conversion   Iphone will derive energy to charge its battery from the difference in temperature between the phone itself (temperature averages to body temperature if used regularly) and the air around it. The colder the air around the phone, the more difference in temperature and the more energy can be derived by the thermal energy converter. All excess energy will be used to charge the phone. Result? You will never have to charge your phone again. Early tests have revealed that the phone will never be below 40% battery capacity, and that is at high usage rates of 60% of the time.

'Play & Project' functionality    Presentations, films, photos can be projected onto a screen or wall with a maximum size of a 22” computer screen. While the image will not deliver up to current LED measurements, the user benefit is huge as it makes sharing of visual media immediate and easy.

'Lego Architect' app    Kids will not be able to switch it off. Hold the Iphone close to your lego stock (ie the lego you want to build with) in Iphone “Scan and Size”- mode and it will size up your building potential. Fire up the Lego Architect app and you will be able to plan and visualise everything you can possibly build with your lego stock. You can select styles, preferences, choose to emulate existing buildings (tests have started on the Flat Iron Building with just a basic set of 100 miscellaneous LEGO parts). Click ‘Auto Architect’ and Iphone will generate at least 30 proposed designs for you to build. Select a design and Iphone will walk you through how to build the design step by step.

'Dog-Poo Locate & Alert'    You have stepped in dog-poo for the last time. Activate the ‘Dog Poo Locate & Alert’ function and Iphone will alert you with one of your chosen sounds or vibrations if dog poo is detected anywhere in a circle of 5 meter of the phone itself. Iphone contains a database of compiled human sensory profiles specific to dog poo – in effect a library of how humans experience various scents and smells. Whilst 100% accurate for any kind of dog poo of any age or state of decomposition, the chemical analysis of air quality performed by Iphone is the most basic of its kind and is sadly limited to dog poo only.

'Stargazer' app integrated with GPS    It’s about time we better use that fantastic GPS technology. Apple have decided that it is not important where we are, but where we are relative to our environment; in this case the part of the universe relevant to our planet, earth. This neat application uses Iphone’s knowledge of where you are on the planet, basic astronomy and advanced space science. Open the Stargazer app, click ‘Map Current Skyscape’ and Iphone will show you a map of all stars and recognised constellations on your iphone screen, relative to where you are. It will pinpoint the sky straight above you as ‘home’ and you will always be able to return to this point. Click any given constellation and the app will give you its name and basic astrological information. Use standard map navigation (as you would in the first Iphone Maps application) to navigate your way around the universe visible from earth.

Iphone 'Wallet Count'    Whilst this is more of a toy for the kids, even grown-ups benefit. Combining advanced weighing scale calibration technologies (this has been around for many years since space travel started) with the Iphone Wallet Count application, you can empty all coins from your wallet onto the back of the iphone, and within 5 seconds Iphone will calculate the combined value in local (derived from your current GPS position) currency, but you can override this as a setting in the app.

Retina security scan    If you lose your phone you will never have to worry about the finder or thief making long distance calls at your expense. The Iphone 5 will not require you to slide to unlock or type in a code. Look at your phone and the camera will perform a retina scan which is matched to the database where your retina scan was previously stored. Additional retina scans can be stored (in case you want family members and friends to be able to use your phone) but only one can be classed as primary user. It is also possible to associate phone privileges with retina scans to limit functionality for users other than the primary user. It is said that the Iphone 6 will use the earlier discussed Voice modulator and recorded phone conversations to allow access based on match of voice, measuring loudness in decibels (dB) and pitch/frequency in Hertz (Hz).

Pop-out wheels in 'car-mode'    Once you are too old to play, it’s time to die. Activate the ‘Car’ app in the Iphone and four tiny wheels will pop out of the back of the phone so that you or your kids can play with it. Grown men and women will have been seen parking their phones in makeshift garages in their offices and conducting races on the linoleum office floor. While there is no pull-back function as yet, it is on the list of likely additions for Iphone 6 or Iphone 7. Advanced battery charging technology, as described above, combined with additional solar power with the Iphone screen itself collecting energy from light will enable self-driven Iphone toycar functionality with remote control from a console app on the Ipad.


It seems to me that at the end of the first decade of the new millennium we have broken through a new boundary of technology driven by ease of use, human imagination and channelling ground breaking technology into mainstream objects. Only the really talented and visionary will be able capitalise on this, and as we speak, Apple is at the forefront and probably already working on most of  the above.

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