Posted 14/Aug 2012 at 12:48
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Lighthouse in danger at Rubjerg Knude

Most lighthouses are built close to the sea, but not all that many are in danger of being swallowed by it.

But at the westcoast of North-Jutland, Denmark, on a cliff known as Lønstrup Klint the Rubjerg Knude lighthouse awaits exactly that fait. Built in 1899 and last used in 1968 it's been threatened by shifting sand and coastal erosion for it's entire time of existence.

On the picture here, there are people walking behind the lighthouse. The people in the farthest distance are only few meters from the cliff, and with the sea claiming about one and a half meter every year it won't be long before the corner of the lighthouse will align with that cliff.

The lighthouse will probably be removed by the authorities before that happens. People do walk on the beach below, and they wouldn't like to be surprised by the falling lighthouse. But I'm hoping they'll keep it there for as long as possible, just like Mårup Kirke at the same cliff a bit north.

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