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Losing those holiday grams, the easy way?

I am one of those people who has known for quite a while that they need to lose weight. I've been saying that I'll soon start to get more exercise, change my eating habits and all of that. And I really have been planning to start on that soon. Honestly!

But, every year in December I gain a bit and cal that "Christmas and New Year's fat". Then again in January, and call that "birthday fat". You get the drill and probably know it from yourself; almost every month's weight gain has their own reason and name, and I never get to lose much if it.

It's time to turn the weight gain around. And now is the time! People say it only gets harder when you get older and hell I know it's right. I've just turned 28, and it would have been so much easier to shrink down to my ideal weight last week when I was only 27.

Not because I'm so much older, but because I weight a tiny bit less.

So, in this year I'll be searching for my perfect method of losing weight. I intend to not go to the gym, to not force myself to run a large circle around my house just for the sake of doing it. My method - as I've drafted it - consists of three really simple rules:

Always take the most efficient method of transportation
In other words, take the bicycle and walk whenever it makes the least bit sense. There is no point in taking the car to the local supermarket for a pack of milk. And I'm also going to stop fooling myself into thinking that I need more than a pack of milk, just to justify going to the larger shopping centre. 

Eat slower - eat less
I've been consistently eating way more for dinner then what my body actually needs. Mostly because I would have finished my first plate before the first bite even reaches the bottom of my stomach. I know that, when I sincerely intend to eat slower, I can do that. And I will. All I need to remember are these simple things:

  • Serve myself less food on my first plate
  • Eat with smaller bites

On a little side-note; I probably also need to cook less, so I don't end up snacking the leftovers later that evening.

Do things when they need to be done
You probably already guessed from my approach to weight loss that I tend to be a bit lazy. I tend to wait with bringing the paper trash to the paper container until there is a large pile from a few weeks out in the hall. And then almost break my back in trying to bring it out all at once in order to save time and effort.

Same with the dishes and lots of those other household things which gives little bits of exercise all day around. I am going to get myself do those things more often and more direct. I'll end up with more little bits of exercise all around the days ans weeks which will help me burn my fat. And I'll get a tidier house without any extra effort.


Will all of this work? I don't know, I've so far been too lazy to try but I certainly hope so. I'll report back!

(image from: Linday Hoffmans's blog)

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