Posted 15/Aug 2011 at 12:58
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Mark Zuckerberg is still active on Google+ and playing Angry Birds against Sergey Brin

We all know that Mark Zuckerberg was among the very first to get an invite to Google+ and was not afraid to use it. Now that Google has rolled out the first phase of their Games platform, once again he's seen as early adopter. 

And he's not the only one of my "Friends" who've already started to play Angry Birds. But he was the easiest to beat. Sergey Brin is a lot better at it though.

One can only wonder whether Mark actually intended people to see that he was playing games on Google+. After all, he hasn't shared anything publicly and probably won't do so either. Perhaps he, just like me, would have preferred to be able to select which of his circles are allowed to see his gaming activity. 

To clarify, yes - stories posted by games can be shared only with some circles. But I found no option where I could indicate that (for example) only my "Friends" circles could see that I even was playing, let alone look at my highscores. Not that I really have anything to hide, but I might not want to let my professional circles in on what kind of games I play.

But for some, this might be a privacy issue - and could actually keep them away from playing games.

Angry Birds level one leaderboard, with Sergey Bin, Wouter van Vliet, Jeff Huber and Mark Zuckerberg

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