Posted 6/Mar 2011 at 12:45
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Microsoft counts down to the byebye of Internet Explorer 6!

I won't hide the fact that I'm not Bill Gates' or Microsoft biggest fan. Nor will I hide the fact that I am generally quite pleased about what Google does. And yet, the other day I wrote a bit negative coloured blog regarding Google's AdWords vouchers. And today, I want to thank Microsoft on my bare knees for the launch of their website.

As a web developer, I have long ago decided to only gracefully support Internet Explorer 6 with statements like: "It has to work, but I don't care if it looks good. Websites like YouTube have officially made statements against IE6 by showing a message to people using this hopelessly old web browser, in which they're asked to upgrade. And a quick Google search will quickly help you adding such a message to your own website.

Now, 10 years after the launch if the browser, Microsoft is officially counting down to it's disappearance. They have joined web developer and web standard activists in all but setting up a charity fund to the cause of the extinction of that what once was considered an actually good browser.

Yes, thinking back to my college days I actually preferred Internet Explorer 6 - and even 5.5 - over Netscape. The computers at the Haagse Hogeschool came with Netscape as default, but students - me included - quickly found a way to run a portable version of IE to be able to look at a website in a decent layout.

But that's long ago. At some point Firefox came along, and changed the web. Then some more versions of Firefox, eventually Chrome came along. In the meantime, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 which was basically as crappy as IE6 - but it had tabbed browsing. IE8, I have to admit, actually runs rather decent.

With the official release of Internet Exlorer 9 around the corner, I can only imagine that the developers over at Microsoft are also quite fed up with having to make websites which look good on that ancient browser.

Join Microsoft in the countdown to byebye day for IE6! If you still use IE6, get rid of it and install a more recent browser. Like Firefox 1, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Google Chrome, IE7, IE8, Safari - or even Netscape - I hear it actually works quite decent these days.

And if you're changing your browser, you might as well prevent Microsoft from complaining about too many people using outdated Windows versios as well. Make the switch now, there's plenty of alternatives! Try Ubuntu, Fedora or any other Linux flavour. They'll even import your Internet Explorer bookmarks!

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