Posted 26/Jan 2010 at 15:05
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Mission: Make the web a better place!

When asked about my mission in live some ten to fifteen years ago, I would steadily answer "to make everybody happy". I knew it was going to be hard, but impossible? Well - perhaps. But what do you have if you can't dream?

Well, I've woken up. I can't do it. I cannot make everybody on the whole world happy. But knowing this doesn't keep me from trying. The site on which you're reading this is one of my desperate attempts. I noticed that I get happy from hearing and reading about what drives somebody. So when Erik van Geest came to me mid-2009 with his domain '' and some ideas, I was in.

And here it is: - the site dedicated to make you happy! Because when you're happy so am I.

Now let's get to the point which I actually had in mind when I clicked the create link to write this blog. What I actually wanted to talk about is helping people. Emailing the webmaster of about a problem on their site got me to remember how it bothers me when people tell me - weeks after they've found out - that something is wrong on this or that site I have made or currently maintain.

If they don't tell a friend, I can only assume that they won't tell a stranger either.

Next time you encounter any kind of misbehaviour of a website you would otherwise enjoy using, don't just go away and think "they probably already know" or "it's none of my business". Take action. Put effort in the (sometimes hard to find) "contact" or "feedback" button and inform the site owners that there is a problem.

Because often, the fact that the problem still exists is a very strong indication of them not knowing. And this problem the next visitor as much as yourself.

So make yourself happy. Make the next visitor happy. Make the site owner happy. Report bugs and misbehaviour. 

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