Posted 24/Jul 2011 at 13:14
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Promoting online content through Google Plus

Last Friday, I launched a new project in Beta and was faced with that what ever startup website is faced with: The difficult question on what the most effective advertising model is. I hadn't thought much about it yet, before launch. Nor before building. I just build it because I thought it was cool, and the fact that the fun of using it at times even slowed me down in developing was confirmation enough for me that eventually others would start to find the fun in it as well.

Anyway, I identify three kinds of online advertising:

  1. Ads - such as AdWords or Facebook ads
  2. Social Networking - Spamming Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google Plus etc.
  3. Discovery - Mainly paid discovery by Stumble Upon

The first generally drives engaged visitors onto a website. People have already engaged once, by clicking the ad so they will probably hit a few pages and then decide whether they start to actually use the website.

The third drives loads of rather expensive traffic, and is rather good way of measuring if a page has the ability to engage immediately. Stumble Upon visits are generally gone before the page loads completely if they aren't immediately convinced.

Then the social networks, this is where I would expect to find most value. After a much too lengthy introduction, I won't go into everything - but just cut to the point. Three days after the launch of Vomack I've noticed that I've managed to get really engaged visitors from Google Plus. As a matter of fact, the only signups I got were gotten through Plus. 


First of all, if you post public your posts can go to your Extended Circles. For what I gathered, this puts messages into the "Incoming" section. Social Network users trust information coming from friends, and this is the second best thing. Result: engaged traffic.

Discovery of stranges is also quite well done in Google Plus. Especially on the mobile phone, it's a lot of fun to browse through the nearby tab. This makes you able to see what people around your area are doing, and gives whatever you post public (remember to add your location) another way of being picked up by potentially large amounts of users. People who get to this tab, get there because they want to discover new things. And if you manage to write a short, interesting description of your blog or website this might result in very engaged visitors. In particular if you try to relate it to something local.

With this in mind, I can't wait for the Business pages to open up on Google Plus and see what kind of added value can be gotten from there. 

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