Posted 23/Oct 2012 at 01:49
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Raspberry PI - Part 3 - Enter Ice Cream Sandwich, but not for long

My quest for getting Android to run on my Raspberry Pi continues, but I fear that it stops here as well. The Android Pi Wiki mentions that CyanogenMod9 - Android 4.0 - boots, but is unusable. Stubborn as I was, I wanted to see what they meant.

To be honest, I can't even remember where I found the download and believe me - unless you think you can make a better build you probably don't want to start looking. Even the boot process felt a bit unstable. During boot, the Android loading animation would be interrupted by sort-of a 25th frame style flash showing some boot loading information.

And once booted, well - take a look at the photo. The UI stops immediately tries to start again but fails - at times it feels like there are several copies of the UI overlaying eachother. It's, as they say, very much unusable ;). 

Trying was still fun though...

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