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Review: Michael Jackson - Vision

The Vision DVD box set combines all of Michael Jackson's incredible videoclips on two DVD's, with a third bonus disc including music videos he made with The Jacksons, Paul McCartney as well as the previously unreleased "One More Chance" video.

It comes in a fold-out box with scenes from 18 videos on the cover. Not just photos, actual scenes in lenticular print. You know, the images that change when you slightly adjust your viewing angle to the image. Admitedly, old technology - but still quite amazing to me.

The DVD box slides out of a plastic cover, with Jackson's "lean forward" move from Moonwalker printed in gold. A small book with still photographs from the videos and the production process completes the set.

Personal experience

"Admitedly, old technology - but still quite amazing to me" - that's basically my assesment of this DVD set. The music videos will always be cool, because they are. They will never lose their brilliance and they will always remain a pleasure to both the ear and the eye, no doubt about that. But after having given it a very quick look, I had to conclude that they could have done a better production job. On my HD-resolution computer screen the titles look a bit blocked, and the videos themselves are not really of very high image quality.

Sure, it's mainly rather old recordings so some reduced quality in comparison to an film like Avatar could be expected. But not this much. And the fact that it doesn't just count for the The Jacksons videos on the bonus disc, but also for Cry which is as new as 2001 indictes that they probably could have but just didn't do a better job.

The technical shortcomings aside, it is still a very, very good collection which shows why Michael was and is not only the King of Pop, but also the King of Music Video. But it's the "bonus" disc which really makes the collection complete. The first video I had to see was Say Say Say, one of the three singles he recorded with Sir Paul McCartney.

The previously unreleased One More Chance had to be in it, even though it's not really his best video ever. In the first half you barely even see his face, which made me wonder if it was even The King himself dancing on the tables.


I couldn't give it any less then 5 stars. Even though it didn't deliver on the claim that it's content is "fully restored and remastered", the beauty of each music video makes up for that. And perhaps I should just blame the bad quality on the discs being in NTSC. Something that derrives from a good thing; it's completely region free!

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