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Posted 22/Oct 2009 at 00:06
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Review of "Verder" by "Jeroen van der Boom"

Jeroen van der Boom, one third of the Dutch representatives at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, has released a new solo album. Among the 14 songs, in his usual soft rock style, we find a Dutch version of the Danish entry, Believe Again.

Personal experience

The Danish entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest fits Jeroen's voice perfectly – and the Dutch version works. It doesn’t sound awkward at all for non Dutch speakers. The title of the song Weer Geloven also literally translates to Again Believe.


If you like this kind of music this album is highly recommended. All 14 songs are in Dutch, but it is absolutely not needed to understand the language in order to enjoy the songs. The music and his voice can easily stand alone – and believe me, anyone with knowledge of English and perhaps a bit of German or any of the Scandinavian languages will be surprised at just how much Dutch they can actually pick up on!

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