Posted 20/Mar 2010 at 09:29
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Safedriver wireless vehicle monitor

"Can I use your car to go out tonight?". "Well, no, but, hmmm, okay, but be careful!" Now you can monitor your kids driving behavior. To make sure they didn't take your car to a drag race a few blocks away.

Just get a SafeDriver Wireless Vehicle Monitor. Plug it in, set up your PIN (1234 is not allowed) and it is ready to go.

The device will record the highest speed, the distance that is traveled and any instances of sudden braking. 

It is available from Thinkgeek for $69.99.

A bargain considering the great Big Brother power that goes with the device. And that's the point. Do you really want to keep track on your kids like this. Or is there still some old fashioned trust left somewhere? 

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