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Selmer Mark VI Selmer Mark 6 Buying Tips

So you are thinking of getting a Selmer Mark VI? Check out my buying tips before you start... 

Most saxophone players have at one point blown a Selmer Mark VI. 

Now you don't have to be a professional player to justify getting a Selmer Mark VI. 

Arguably the best saxophone ever made, here are my first 5 buying tips:

- Make sure the serial number is somewhere between 58000 and 150000, dating it between mid 1950s and late 1960s - the best years of production

- Always check the horn for dents, dings, repairs,  but don't let it put you off if it has some visible history. A Selmer mark vi saxophone will always play well if it was a good horn to begin with. Dents and dings and rod bends can be repaired returning the sax to good working order.

- Play it before you pay it! I know there are some real gems on Ebay but really you don't want to buy a Selmer Mark VI unseen. There is quite a bit of difference between them and it may not be to your taste or expectation once it arrives.

- Experiment with different mouthpieces, Otto Links, new and vintage, Dukoffs, Vandoren, Beechler, Lawton, Selmer, just keep on trying until you find a combination that delivers what you want. And then stick with it for a good few months.

- Listen to the greats, check on youtube for Michael Brecker, Kenny G, Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, Joe Henderson, Chris Potter, etc, who have all played a Mark VI at some point in their careers. Listen to what sound you want.

I'll be posting some more later.... good luck and love the vintage!

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