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Sheldon could have gotten lucky

In Episode 12 of the third season Big Bang Theory, the most unexpected thing happened: Sheldon and Rasj having successful social interactions with girls. Now, I wonder - did Sheldon not like her, does he not like any women or is he just completely and utterly blind for any implied signals?

As known by those who follow the series and/or my quite summaries, both Howard and Leonard have gotten themselves lovely girlfriends. And today they're double-dating. This leaves Sheldon and Rasj to entertain themselves, something the one who is physically unable to communicate with women without being drunk and the one who nobody can talk to with a bit of a problem.

Rasj: Great, they got girlfriends and they just abandon us
Sheldon: That is great, isn't it!
Sheldon: We have a wonderful evening ahead of us
Rasj: We do?
Sheldon: Oh, yes. I just discovered I don't have enough room on my harddrive for a linux partition. So, you and I going to perform a full backup, re-initialize and then install all my operating systems
Rasj: I don't wanna do that
Sheldon: Alright, I'm going to perform a full backup, re-initialize and then install all my operating systems
Rasj: What about me?
Sheldon: Well, I understand there's several types of artificial women.

Rasj comes up with several suggestions of what they could be doing to have fun. Sheldon rejects all of them, being very much preoccupied with his own computer and mind.

Rasj: Oh, come on Sheldon. The world is full of people doing things outside. Let's go outside. Outside is good.
Sheldon: If outside is so good, why has mankind spend thousands of years trying to perfect inside?
Rasj: I don't know. It's a marketing scheme.

They both have a point, don't they? Well, all things aside - Rasj succeeds in convincing Sheldon to come along to some kind of party. But not without a costly bribe: His limited edition Green Lantern lantern.

Rasj: Come on, let's get a drink!
Sheldon: I don't drink
Rasj: Yeah well, I do. And when my wingman is carying a Green Lantern lantern I drink a lot. 
Rasj: I'll have a screwdriver please and don't be schinsy with the screw
Sheldon: I would like a root beer float
Rasj: Sheldon, they don't have ice cream!
Sheldon: They don't? Well, apparently these people and I disagree greatly on the definition of party
Rasj: He'll have a Shirley Temple
Sheldon: And don't be chinsy with the Shirley

The game is on....

Rasj: Okaay, let's check out the females
Sheldon: Alright, there's a female
Rasj: That's professor Wilkinson's wife, she's like eighty years old
Sheldon: But she's female, isn't that the game?
Rasj: No, I'm looking for a hookup
Sheldon: Oww, yeah. So the point of this exercise is for you to find someone to copulate with?
Sheldon: Not so loud, but ideally yes

Eventually they did find themselves one female each. Rasj's was just easy, you know - one of those who'd throw herself on or under anyone she meets at a bar. And Sheldon found some common ground with the other girl, who showed a deep interest in the Green Lantern lantern he brought.

On their way to the car, things got rather uncomfortable between Leonard and Penny after Bernadette asked her about the progression of her absent acting career. The fact that she had been to a psychic and believed that she had to cut of her hair in order to get a part in a national commercial made Leonard burst into laughter. And he had just promised not to make fun of her! They make it to the restaurant, and halfway through the main course the waiter comes by:

Waiter: How is everything tonight?
Bernadette: Very uncomfortable :) 

The foursome didn't say a lot more funny things, so let's get back to our socially handicapped nerds:

(knocking on the door)
Sheldon: One minute! ( ... ) sisään!
Rasj: What was that?
Sheldon: It means "come in". It's taking forever to load the new operating system on my computer. I disinfected the kitchen and the bathroom, and now I thought I'd learn Finnish
Rasj: जो कुछ भी अपनी नाव मंगाई
Sheldon: (questioning look)
Rasj: That's Hindi for "whatever floats your boat"

While Rasj and his date-for-the-night are getting on quite well in the living room, Sheldon wishes his date - if that word even applies - a good night. He gets ready for bed, but a few minutes later she comes knocking on his door:

Girl: (knock, knock) Sheldon!
Sheldon: Yes?
Girl: Listen, they're kinda getting busy in the living room and ... I was wondering if I could hang out in here for a while?
Sheldon: Well, I suppose. Come on. I'll sleep in Leonard's room, good night!

And just like I don't expect to ever find out who the mother of Ted's children is in How I Met Your Mother - even though we saw a glimpse of her pretty feet last week - I don't think Sheldon will ever truly grasp the rules and opportunities of social interaction.

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