Posted 17/Nov 2011 at 16:57
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Sony Ericsson updates Xperia line - including X10 mini (pro)?

Some time ago, I wrote about the great pleasure I got from updating my SE Xperia X10 Mini Pro from Android version 1.6 to 2.1. Some days ago, Sony Ericsson announced on Google+ that it would be upgrading the whole Xperia line of devices to Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich. However, it seemed like my nice little droid would not be included in this update.

Until moments ago.

I received en email from Sony Ericsson with some promo things, among others that they would now be selling devices directly from their website. Nice for consumers, but I don't expect retailers to be very happy about this. Anyway, they also mentioned that I should update my Android. 

Update my android? But haven't they been saying everywhere that X10 Mini and Mini pro would not be updated past 2.1?

Well, I haven't yet managed to actually find the update - and I really hope that I don't have to go through the tricky thing of getting foreign firmware again when I do - but their website seems to confirm that there should be an update available. At least they talk about what people who already have 2.1 can do to update, and that should mean that the the device will be updated past 2.1. Right?

When? Which version? Time will tell. The main thing for me is to be able to update to 2.2 (Froyo), as they introduced some nice cloud messaging, which the Pingdom uptime monitor uses.

Update 22 Nov: I have been in contact with @SonyEricssonNL and apparently the message was just a bit misleading, and there will not be an update. Major bummer :(.

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