Posted 1/Nov 2010 at 12:43
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Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro - Waiting for the Android 2.1 update

A few months ago I treated myself on my first smartphone. For an internet developer it may have been a bit late to get on that boat, but well - never before has a smartphone impressed me as much as what I saw of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro. Small, but large enough not to get lost in your pocket. A slideout keyboard, but still a nice on-screen one as well. And Android, so it would work well with my Google Account.

Basically: it had it all.

It wasn't before a few days after I got it, that I realized that it was still running the hopelessly old Android 1.6. And I didn't care before I found a few apps I wanted to try, but couldn't - because they only work on Android 2.something. 

First the update was announced for Q3, if I recall correctly even with the notion that it might be a bit late. Then I read reports about "The end of Q3". And finally it was even a month postponed, to the end of October. The end of October came, but still no update.

And finally! the wait was over. Or at least I thought. As when I woke up this morning, and checked some news in the Danish media - I live in Denmark, after all - the update was announced. wrote: "Sony Ericsson is now a bit less behind". And sure enough my phone showed the message "There are updates available" in the status line.

Oops. Think again. I got my phone through T-Mobile* in The Netherlands. And apparently, Google still needs to approve the update for the Dutch market. So, for now I wait. Impatiently. For the update to Android Eclair**. And I'm wondering, will my nice little android phone ever get updated to Froyo** or even Gingerbread**.

* I feel like I need to say something about that company. In The Netherlands, they've been under a lot of fire in the media for offering bad service. I have no bad experience with T-Mobile myself. As a matter of fact, they called me a year ago asking if I wanted to switch to another package, which would save me a lot of money. And they even gave me discount on my next bill, as they knew they were calling me internationally.

** Seriously, who comes up with those names ;)

After a week, I gave up on waiting, and upgraded to the Nordic software.

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