Posted 7/Oct 2009 at 21:34
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Sweden blogs - Part 1

OK, I moved here about 6 weeks ago now. After a terribly tiring move we finally settled in the archipelago just east of Stockholm. It was still summer. The apples were not yet ripe but hanging from the trees, the breeze was getting a little colder, but temperatures warm enough to sunbathe, swim and cruise with sunglasses and the top down were still there.

The Swedes were still in what you could call "laid back summer mode", that state of mind and of being in which life is enjoyed to the max while the summer is here. not surprisingly because when autumn and winter come round, although very cosy they can be, it's cold and dark. 

We had a lot of coffees out in the local country hangouts, in the UK they would be called tearooms, here "fika places", fika is the Swedish word for having some kind of beverage in between meals and preferably something to munch.

We have only once been to the city but it was as gorgeous as I remembered it from having lived here before.

End of Part 1 Sweden Blogs

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