Posted 1/Dec 2009 at 21:33
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Sweden Blogs - Part 9 - Sinterklaas has borrowed a Swedish Boat

It's True! Sinterklaas flew to Sweden, borrowed Djurgardsfarjan in the Stockholm archipelago and delivered presents with the help of 4 piets to all the Dutch kids living in Sweden.

He is said to have stayed over in the city that night, only to take an early flight back to Holland just in time for the recordings of the Sinterklaas journaal.

The pieten have stayed of course to prepare for the 5th of December when the presents are opened. 

For those of you who don't know this Dutch custom, just google it. I'm sure there is a wiki somewhere out there. Failing that, you can see more on

Very entertaining indeed. Sinterklaas met with all the kids at the Dutch embassy in central Stockholm, and as he and his following, grabbing pepernoten on the streets, walked to the embassy in his red gown and long saint like head ornament, people stopped, looked and admired in sheer amazement. 

Not a moment they or I will forget easily.

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