Posted 27/Oct 2009 at 21:56
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Sweden Blogs - Part II

Well, folks it's autumn in Stockholm allright.

Maybe you share that same feeling in late summer when the air is so dry and warm and the nature is so lush and green that you think "how can this possibly end". Surely it is going to stay warm very long and autumn is not going to come round this year.

But then suddenly a few colder days, a few warmer days to lure you into thinking you might be right after all about the never ending summer and then...

Temperatures of 7 degrees or so, cold, windy, rainy, leaves everywhere and autumn has started. 

We have had to park our cars on the other side of the house as the grassy patch that is close to our side door by the kitchen is getting too muddy, as the Swedes call it "slaskigt" I think. 

Soon I will have to check the garden for missed items that will not survive minus degrees and lots of snow. We still have parasols standing around (I was trying to make a point about the never ending summer), statues holding bird baths that can fill up and freeze, the plastic sand pit for the kids is still out and our garden table is not yet inside the trailer.

Yes, trailer. The house we are in has no garden shed, so we took our trailer instead, placed it on the parking lot, secured the door with a padlock and carefully placed all our garden items in there. It's a neat solution.

But as you can see I have not much else to tell just now. 

The Swedes generally hate November because there is usually little snow but a lot of mud and yuk out there.... I am curious to see what that is like this year. 

Soon it's time for winter tyres with studs...... all cars will be rolling around ticking on the streets.... cosy

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