Posted 30/Oct 2009 at 20:37
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Sweden Blogs - Part III

I finished my last blog wondering about whether November was going to be as bad as many Swedes say. 

Well it's not November just yet but everybody around me (including myself) is suddenly getting a winter cold or flu. And no, I don't think it's the dreaded Mexican pig flu, it's that latent flu that sits there under the surface for days without really breaking through.

I am sure it's because none of us are sure what weather we are really getting. We are all getting in our cars in the morning with flexdress combinations, including a complete wardrobe on our backseat to cater for sudden -30 Celcius or +30 Celcius. I exaggerate of course, but we do get some great and some really bad days this time of year.

Then there is the odd period of the "Goody Two Shoes Swedes" who have already changed their tires for the winter alter egos with the studs. They tick over the asphalt, looking out the window at me as if they want to say: "yeah, mate you better get your socks on and change your tires. Mine have been on a while now and snow is coming this afternoon." They often grin at me as if they know about my track record of usually being a little too late with my winter tires and feeling really guilty about it. 

So next weekend I'll be out there with my manual jack (yeah, my car related gear tends to be pretty low tech) changing 8 tires on my two Vdubs. 

Normally just when I am doing it I get caught in the worst snow storm or a sudden frosty spell below - 15C when the tyres are off and there is no going back.

Wish me luck.

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