Posted 10/Nov 2009 at 20:19
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Sweden Blogs - Part V - The tyres have arrived.

Neatly stacked up behind the trailer so not a soul can see them and get any ideas, they stare at me every time I walk past, to and from the car.

Two piles of four tyres with studs, freshly delivered by my brother in law from the other side of the country where they were stored during the years we lived abroad.

Each waiting tyre is tagged with a piece of plastic or paper to indicate front or back, left or right.

Anytime now the first snow can fall, covering the roads, forests and fields in a thick layer of irredescent white. Many cars are already happily massaging the asphalt with those shiny studs set in deep rubber grooves.

No pressure there then...

If it wasn't for an upcoming cold and two kids who have the flu I would probably be jacking up the cars right now. - not. The thing is that I am a homey kind of guy and once the kids are in bed I just want to chill inside the house. Plotter around I think the expression is. 

One of three things can happen now. 

  1. I pull myself together and change 8 tyres between now and a week or so, just about in time for the first snow.
  2. I give in, let the wallet do the work and drive the cars and tyres to a local garage where they are professionally changed in under 15 minutes while I watch with a hot cup of coffee and a twix.
  3. Neither of the above, in which case when the first snow comes I will declare myself "snowed-in" and watch Charlie & Lola with the kids on the couch, wrapped in cosy blankets.

For those of you who know me by now or those who don't but want to hazard a guess, you're in danger of getting it right.

Place your bets now.

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