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Posted 26/Nov 2009 at 20:33
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Sweden Blogs - Part VIII - Sinterklaas in Stockholm

Yes! It's true, Sinterklaas comes to Stockholm as well.

In between the hardship with sad Piet, the 'borrowing' of the class books all over Holland and Sinterklaas' secret activities according to the NPS Sinterklaas journaal:

(no need to understand Dutch here, it's still sheer entertainment with many, many years tradition - go on, have a look - it's safe and run by the Dutch government)

Sinterklaas still has time to come and visit some 150 Dutch children who live in the Stockholm area.

The man who showers children with presents every year on the 5th of December will first fly to an unknown location in the Stockholm archipelago with a number of travelpieten. On the 29th of november he will then board a ship to arrive at Slussen somewhere in the morning or afternoon.

Presents will be given to the children at the Dutch Embassy in the city center.

In view of the mayhem in Holland running up to the 5th of December, he will have to make a rapid exit back to the Netherlands to keep things under control there.

We have already spotted a few piets here, poineerpiets I think they are called. Our shoes have been filled with sweets a few times already and every now and then we hear walking on the roof, not to mention the colourful feathers we found on the veranda.

These are exciting times even for kids who live in Stockholm, as the Sint caters for them as well. With the internet and the nps Sinterklaasjournaal, we are keeping fully up to date.

Sinterklaas typical delicacies such as chocolate alphanumeric characters (if your name is Susan and you like white chocolate AND if you have been behaving yourself this year, most likely one of Sint's Piet helpers will deliver a white chocolate S the size of a CD box in your shoe.

And if you are not Dutch, then you can always plan a little Sinterklaas trip to the Netherlands for the 5th of December to experience the mayhem first hand.

You'll be tempted by more candy than you can handle.

Make sure to bring an (almost) empty suitcase.

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