Posted 15/Nov 2009 at 12:43
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Sweden Blogs VI - The forest opposite my house.

This is the forest opposite our house outside the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden.

Actually, there is not much to tell about that. This is my view from the kitchen window. Now on its own, that maybe doesn't mean much to anyone. When I first viewed the house, I hardly even noticed it. 

But you know, that little forest with maybe a thousand trees of all sizes is a piece of real nature very close to where we spend our days when we are home. It's like the aura of the forest  meanders its way into our house to spread calm and tranquility.

Quite amazing really, and even if you don't believe in this kind of stuff, you experience it when you sit down in our kitchen. 

That topped off with some Bill Evans from the washroom, which, when the sound cascades off the walls into the kitchen sounds like the end of a walkway into an underground jazzclub, combined with some lit candles when the late afternoon darkness draws in, perfects the mood.

The kids sit on the long Swedish antique wooden couch when we have meals and every now and then they turn around to look at 'their' beloved forest.

It's like watching a lazy old cinematic program - very slow moving but always something happening, kind of on the sly.

The forest always has a story to tell.

Look carefully at the picture, and I'm sure you'll find your own adventures.

Till next time,


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