Posted 11/Jun 2011 at 16:41
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Thank you, Microsoft - for telling me about X-Icon Editor

If you know me a little bit better, for example from reading my other posts, you'd know that I'm generally not very keen on Microsoft and (save for a few annoyances) generally quite pleased about Google. But right now I owe them a big thank you.

A while ago they introduced version 9 of their excessively popular Internet Explorer web browser. Yes, excessively - as I don't believe their browser would be any bit as popular as it is if not for the fact that it still comes default with every single Windows installation. The user experience is just aweful for anybody used to any other browser. This point got recently proven to me when I was helping my girlfriend's parents speed up their computer. Generally nice people, but not the smartest when it comes to computers and long time users of Internet Explorer.

When getting rid of some older JAVA versions, defragmenting and error checking their harddrive didn't make the huge difference I thought it besto update their browser. They were still on IE7, can't get IE9 on their Windows XP computer so I had to upgrade to IE8 - to keep things familiar to them I didn't want to bother them with a whole new browser experience. During the lengthy update process they asked me which browser I used, so I answered to which they asked in return why they couldn't get that browser then. A question to which I could only answer: "Ja, men det kan I faktisk godt". So I installed Google Chrome, gave them a quick tour over the bookmarks bar, the "most visited pages" on the "new tab screen" and demonstrated that YouTube, their internet banking system and the site where they play card games online still work. And what do you know; after they had gotten over their few minutes of confusion they're loving it. I'm happy to have converted two more users away from The Dark Side - and they're happy because Google Chrome runs so much faster than Internet Explorer.

Hmm, I'm drifting off. So, when Microsoft released the first Beta of Internet Explorer 9 they came also opened up some kind of website to show off how well it knows HTML5 and the cool HTML5 tricks, and how much faster their javascript engine had gotten. Of course, it's a bit funny to be proud of that when the competition was way ahead of them, but ok - they have Hampster Dance Revolution so I kinda liked it. They're also showcasing X-Icon Editor, a website you can use to easily generate favicon or "bookmark icons" from an uploaded file. Not the first service to do that, but definately the best I've ever used.

So, Microsoft - thank you for the IE9 Test Drive page. And for the instructions on how to use X-Icon Editor. Just remember; whenever it writes "open Internet Explorer 9" you can just as well open Google Chrome of Mozilla Firefox. It might even run a bit faster and smoother even ;).

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